TJM Innovations: Speed, Accuracy and Visibility Through EDI

February 1, 2017


TJM Innovations is a manufacturer and distributor with Internet and retail
presence focused on designing and developing products that make  consumers’ lives easier and less stressful without making a huge impact on the environment. Some leading products include GutterStuff®, a do-it-yourself gutter protection product; Bandshell®, a patented iPhone amplification case that improves sound quality; CobZorb®, a non-toxic, all natural, eco-friendly line of absorbent products; CobZorb® Multiple Cat Formula Cat Litter; and Roof Drain Foam Filter®, developed
for the commercial roofer. These, and other TJM products, can be found on the Internet and at leading retailers such as Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Do It Best Hardware, True Value Hardware, ABC Supply Co., Inc., Sutherlands, and Amazon.

Established in 2007 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the company was founded by the husband and wife team of Ted and Julie McNamara.


In our business, our
customer’s EDI issues cannot
wait. It’s all about customer
service and getting them
what they need when they
need it. Not to mention that
invoices and data are crucial
to our success, and they
need to be accurate.


- Julie McNamara
TJM Innovations

With their previous EDI solution, TJM was having significant issues invoicing its clients, including Home Depot, its largest trading partner. The EDI provider was not creating invoices consistent with the trading partner’s requirements. The bottom line is that TJM was just not able to send accurate invoices and the issue needed to be remedied, and quickly. Additionally, their EDI provider did not offer the data visibility that TJM needed to fulfill its orders. If they needed to access a document’s raw data, the company had to submit a request to their EDI provider and wait for a response, sometimes for days. Says Julie McNamara, “In our business, our customer’s EDI issues cannot wait. It’s all about customer service and getting them what they need when they need it. Not to mention that invoices and data are crucial to our success, and they need to be accurate.” TJM leverages NetSuite for their ERP needs and were satisfied with the business software solution. They needed an EDI provider that could integrate with NetSuite ERP for automation of orders.


› Immediately access an experienced
integration team

› Simplify automation of electronic
transactions (EDI/XML) for increased

› Enjoy a lower total cost of ownership

› Improve the level of accuracy and
visibility for improved service levels

› Reach a broader trading partner

› Leverage its investment in its ERP

› Accomplish more, on time, with less

TJM Innovations was referred to DiCentral by a partner of NetSuite and then introduced to DiIntegrator by DiCentral. DiIntegrator, combined with DiCentral’s hosted EDI translation and routing services (web-based EDI—DiWeb), has enabled TJM to now process large groups of orders while providing tight integration with NetSuite ERP.

As a supplier, TJM now has the benefit of processing its EDI data locally while maintaining the advantages of complete visibility and redundancy offered through DiCentral’s web-hosted EDI solution.

Unique “processing agents” within DiIntegrator have been designed to manage and manipulate large volumes of EDI data to facilitate TJM’s order and fulfillment processes. This increased functionality has allowed TJM to manage much heavier loads of data, such as the volume the company is processing with Home Depot, while remaining compliant with today’s most challenging supply chain requirements.

DiIntegrator has also helped TJM reduce supply chain costs by applying unique business rules and policies to meet the specific requirements for each of the company’s trading partners–no matter the size.


Since implementing DiIntegrator by DiCentral, TJM Innovations easily imports the day’s  purchase orders from DiIntegrator to NetSuite ERP, where the orders and labels are created. During its busy season TJM can now easily process over 1000 documents a week. As a result, TJM is enjoying order automation and near-perfect transmissions to all of the company’s trading partners. McNamara continues, “We have realized success with DiCentral. With DiIntegrator we send our invoices with no problem, and we can see our raw data without
submitting a request. If there is ever an issue, DiCentral gets right on it. We’re happy with this EDI solution, and pleased to now be compliant with all our customers’ EDI requirements.”


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