Charu Merchandising: DiCentral Helps Export Company Reduce Complexities

September 11, 2019

As a leading export company in
India for more than thirty years,
Charu Merchandising Private
Limited offers a wide range of
products and services including
housewares, kitchen textiles, gifts,
lawn and garden, hardware, and
more. Their clients list includes
various large retailers and
importers throughout the United
States, United Kingdom, and
“DiCentral Web EDI services has
helped us to increase the efficiency
and accuracy of our entire business
cycle with our client and business
partners. It is simple to track the
orders and the entire process has
become faster and without error.
Thank You DiCentral!”
-Deven Saxena,
Managing Director
Charu Merchandising Pvt. Ltd.


Charu Merchandising retained Family Dollar as a new retail partner, forwarding their first order to Super Impex  (manufacturing company in Mumbai) for processing. Exchanging information and order details between Family Dollar to Super Impex via Charu Merchandising quickly became a challenge. Family Dollar uses an automated EDI solution to track their invoices and accounts payable, but Charu Merchandising and Super Impex completed these tasks manually, a process that inhibited the smooth flow of orders and failed to meet Family Dollar’s rules and requirements, specifically in regards to inventory and sales records.

Because each company had their own method of handling, entering, and sharing order information, this data became disorganized and required regular manual clarification of order and payment details. The orders lacked specified tracking numbers and the use of Advance Shipment Notices (ASN) was not consistent. Further, each company had a different invoicing format, with the lack of consistency making it difficult to convert the file format of various suppliers, making payment tracking a huge feat.

The difficulties encountered caused the partnership to lose momentum, and prompted Family Dollar to suggest that Charu Merchandising implement an EDI solution. On the  recommendation of the discount retailer, they partnered with DiCentral India.

Founded in 2000, DiCentral is a
leading global provider of B2Bi
managed services. Headquartered
in Houston, Texas, DiCentral has
10 offices worldwide supporting
customers in more than 27 countries.
DiCentral’s services and solutions are
singularly focused on B2B integration
and are used by many Fortune
1000 companies, processing over
$200 billion in transactions for over
30,000 organizations worldwide.
The company’s vertical expertise
transcends through the automotive,
retail, distribution, manufacturing,
pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy
and financial services. DiCentral
provides turn-key cloud-based B2Bi
managed services, which allows
organizations to connect and exchange
critical business documents with
their trading community. The core
components of the managed services
offering include ERP integration,
secure B2B communications, data
transformation, business rule analytics,
inventory management and trading
partner community management.
The company develops and markets a
complementary suite of supply chain
applications. Visit


Charu Merchandising implemented DiCentral’s Web EDI solution and quickly began to reap the benefits. Without the manual effort of stuffing and sending invoices by mail, the payment process was streamlined and expedited. Order and payment information was automated and exchanged through the DiCentral portal, with emails and alerts improving business efficiency and accuracy. The DiCentral dashboard provided a real-time view of all orders (including ASNs) and pending payments, making it simple to track the status of any order in a user-friendly interface.


Charu Merchandising Pvt. Ltd. is able to manage its trading partner community more effectively and efficiently with DiCentral’s Web EDI solution. There is no need to adapt or change their own file formats, as it is now done automatically within the system. Using Web EDI also led to significant savings by decreasing paper usage, manual labor and associated errors, printing, filing, storage, etc.

Charu Merchandising further leveraged the advantages of EDI by launching a compliance program with their suppliers, with DiCentral providing Web EDI to all of Charu Merchandising’s suppliers in India. This has improved the efficiency of their entire business cycle and continues to present opportunities for innovation and savings.

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