Voss Exotech: DiCentral's Cloud-Based EDI to Comply With JLR EDI

September 12, 2019

Voss Exotech Automotive Pvt.
Ltd. is a manufacturing company
based in Germany. With several
offices in Pune, India, Voss Exotech
is a reliable partner in the Indian
Automotive Industry, providing
automotive products such as
pneumatics brake lines, fuel lines,
air assist lines, and clutch lines.
They are the suppliers of Mahindra
& Mahindra, JLR, Tata Motors,
Bentelers International, and many
Founded in 2000, DiCentral is a
leading global provider of B2Bi
managed services. Headquartered
in Houston, Texas, DiCentral has
10 offices worldwide supporting
customers in more than 27
countries. DiCentral’s services and
solutions are singularly focused on
B2B integration and are used by
many Fortune 1000 companies,
processing over $200 billion in
transactions for over 30,000
organizations worldwide.


In a bid to launch operations in India, JLR began to source components from Indian  automotive manufacturers. Voss Exotech Automotive Pvt. Ltd. was one of the many supplier partners they chose. VOSS Exotech was in the midst of implementing Microsoft Dynamics Navision (MS NAV) ERP and wanted an EDI solution that could be integrated into their ERP for their operations with JLR and other trading partners.

Voss Exotech had two main objectives: Reduce the manual entry of purchase order, invoice, and shipping document data to eliminate errors and accuracy issues, and enable the electronic transmission of ASNs (Advance shipment documents) to the JLR warehouse in the UK. After vetting several EDI providers, Voss Exotech decided to use DiCentral’s cloud-based EDI solution, due to the user-friendly platform and global customer support.


DiCentral provided a Cloud-based EDI solution for Voss Exotech Pvt. Ltd. and for the Just-in-Time manufacturer which was compliant with JLR EDI standards.  DiCentral specially designed a solution that can handle Delivery Schedule Messages (DELFOR), Dispatch Advice Message (DESADV), and Just-in-Time (JIT) documents, which require replacement logic, especially considering when working with suppliers in India.

DiCentral’s Cloud-based EDI solution helps Voss Exotech deliver an automatic inbound and outbound interface with the JLR EDI system. The company is finally able to automatically view & extract firm orders from incoming documents. They can also download and print labels, PO, RFQ, can upload QA documents, and have the ability to manage Shipment Notices and DESADV information automatically.  They were able to improve productivity with more accurate data, achieving 100% customer satisfaction with on-time order deliveries.


Voss Exotech Pvt. Ltd. got a customized EDI solution from DiCentral which complied proficiently with the EDIFACT standards and JLR EDI requirements as well. The next plan for Voss Exotech is to switch from their current cloud-based EDI solution to DiCentral’s B2Bi Managed Services in the coming years.

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