Babyswede Simplifies Supply Chain Processes With DiIntegrator Multi-User

January 24, 2017


BabySwede LLC is the North American distributor for BabyBjorn, a company based in Sweden that develops products to simplify the everyday activities of parents and children.  Today, BabyBjorn is represented in more than 25 countries worldwide.  BabySwede was founded in 2005, and is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

DiIntegrator simply has
everything we need in order
to supply our customers
more efficiently and cost


-Gregory Infante


Since its inception in 2005, BabySwede has experienced a steady increase in business.  With growth, though, also came a huge increase in data flow.  Finally, in 2010 the company had no choice but to expand its EDI capabilities in order to continue satisfying orders and to save time.


“Since start-up, business has more than doubled.  Not only do we have more customers, but our customers are ordering more goods,” said BabySwede’s CFO, Gregory Infante.  “Our EDI capabilities needed to meet that demand, as well as provide valuable time savings.”  Many of the company’s new customers are major retailers that have strict trading partner rules.  In addition, as BabySwede was gaining more customers, orders substantially increased.  The company’s success created a dilemma: more customers and an increased number of orders began to overwhelm their EDI system.  BabySwede needed a solution that would allow them to successfully handle the inflated data flow, as well as allow them to grow with future business.


With every order, BabySwede had to manually enter order data into their Sage Peachtree accounting application.  Once the company experienced growth, that process began to create a time strain and eventually became altogether impractical.  The minutes that it took to  complete a single process were multiplied with the addition of every new customer until the minutes became hours.  An EDI solution was needed that would dramatically cut down on the time being used to complete orders, thus freeing up BabySwede to dedicate more time to supplying orders.


BabySwede chose DiIntegrator Multi-User to meet its EDI needs: “DiIntegrator simply has everything we need in order to supply our customers more efficiently and cost-effectively,” said Mr. Infante.  “With its dynamic shipment, order, and process management, as well as its capability to integrate with Sage Peachtree, DiIntegrator was the best choice for us.”


DiIntegrator, combined with DiWeb, DiCentral’s hosted EDI translation and routing services, allows BabySwede to process large groups of orders while providing tight integration with local backend applications, such as an accounting software package or ERP system.  BabySwede was able to successfully simplify data transactions while integrating with its Sage Peachtree accounting application, and now has the benefit of processing EDI data locally while maintaining the advantages of complete visibility and redundancy offered through a web-hosted EDI solution.  Unique processing agents within DiIntegrator are designed to manage and manipulate large volumes of EDI data to facilitate order and fulfillment processes.  This increased functionality allows users to manage much heavier loads of data, and comply with today’s most challenging supply chain requirements.  In addition, DiIntegrator helps BabySwede reduce supply chain costs by applying unique business rules and policies to meet the specific requirements for each trading partner.


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