Top 20 EDI and Supply Chain Automation Articles of 2018

December 24, 2018 Michele Redmon

Supply chains have experienced much change, development, and exciting growth in 2018. At DiCentral it has always been our mission to help businesses adapt to the changing demands of the modern supply chain, and in that same spirit, we’ve compiled a list of the best blogs, webinars, eBooks and white papers from the past year to help you achieve your goals for 2019.

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to reflect, so take some time to absorb these helpful tips, insights, and pieces of advice from industry experts. If taking control of your supply chain is high on your list of resolutions, this is a great place to start.

Improve Your Supply Chain in 2019

With topics ranging from enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration and e-commerce fulfillment to supply chain visibility, these articles are easy to digest and pack a punch of information. Whether you are new to electronic data interchange (EDI), ERP, and supply chain automation or you just need a refresher.

1. Five Common EDI Challenges and How To Overcome Them | By Yehuda Cagen, VP of Marketing, DiCentral

As the supply chain evolves and businesses add more customers, accommodating unique requirements and business rules can become a challenge. How can you overcome these complexities?

2. Does Your E-Commerce Firm Need an ERP System? | By Christina Nathan

Does your business need to increase productivity, efficiency, and sales of your e-commerce business? It’s absolutely crucial that you move towards ERP and shipping integration.

3. The Top Challenges to Expanding e-Commerce Revenue | By Peter Edlund, Chief Solutions Evangelist, DiCentral

E-commerce and vendor drop ship fulfillment have radically reconfigured consumer shopping. In this newfound retail reality, repeat business is not desirable – it’s critical for survival.

4. 3 Tips for Facing The Amazon B2B Behemoth | By Hayley Null, Manufacturing Industry Marketing Lead at NetSuite

Are your customers or trade partners buying online? If so, what are their expectations when shopping on sites like Amazon? Find out where your customers are buying and be there.

5. 3 Ways ERP Gives You Complete Control Over Supply Chain Transparency

By leveraging the right ERP solution, produce companies can optimize their supply chains, gain greater visibility into the business processes, streamline operations for better batch management, achieve quality control, improve shelf-life and gain traceability from field-to-fork.

6. Preparing for EDI Integration into your ERP | By Ivy Davis, Product Marketing Manager, DiCentral

Whether you’re remodeling your home or integrating trading partner data with your ERP or accounting systems, planning always comes first.

7. 3 Predictions About AI from Oracle CEO Mark Hurd | By Chris Murphy, Director of Cloud Content, Oracle

Is AI-driven automation the future of business? Given the amount of information that companies have, it may be beyond the ability of humans to process the data accurately.

8. B2Bi 2020 - Five EDI Trends Guiding the Future of B2Bi and Enterprise Resource Planning | By Peter Edlund, Chief Solutions Evangelist, DiCentral

EDI (electronic data interchange) and B2Bi (business to business Integration) move information between thousands of channels, generating millions of data points. Will your organization be propelled forward in the rush of data? Or will you drown in a flood of information?

9. Does size matter? Are ERP system requirements really that different for smaller companies?

Many assume all small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have fewer processes, are less complex, have less stringent customers, and have simpler organizational structures. But is that assumption accurate?

10. Digital Transformation in Manufacturing – Why Invest? | By Asavin Wattanajantra, Global Content Writer for Large Businesses, Sage

True optimization is about advanced planning and intelligent ERP. Why is it important for manufacturing business leaders to understand that?

11. How an ERP Implementation Can Get You Fired (And What You Can Do About it!) | By Peter Edlund, Chief Solutions Evangelist, DiCentral

The planning, selection, and implementation of an ERP is a major undertaking, and failure to deliver the project on time or show a significant return on investment can cost you thousands in lost productivity, labor costs, and revenue. It might also cost you your job.

12. Five ERP Myths Debunked | By Andy Harris, Navigator

Despite the clear advantages of ERP, many businesses keep their distance and settle for a hodgepodge of siloed systems or homegrown spreadsheet solutions. Why?

On-Demand Supply Chain Webinars

If you’re familiar with EDI but want to learn more, these webinars provide insider insights to help you maximize your processes. Leverage industry expertise to inspire your next move and streamline your supply chain.

13. Bridging the Gaps of Order Management

Founder of Crane USA, Dirk Niedermann and Jim Savage "the Quickbooks Guy" of Savage and Associates Consulting join DiCentral's VP of Client Development, Mike Neadeau and Product Marketing Manager, Ivy Davis to discuss managing growing orders and the utilization of technology.

14. Increase Revenue, Not Inventory

Learn about direct-to-consumer shipping coordination and overcoming logistical challenges while utilizing a 3PL for technology, fulfillment, and returns.

15. Order Management Simplified

Learn how you can integrate direct-to-consumer EDI orders with your Ecommerce platform and ERP.

16. Failure is not an Option

Find out how to avoid supply chain errors and noncompliance chargebacks in the webinar for suppliers and retailers.

Ebooks, Case Studies and White Papers

Looking to dig a bit deeper? Delve into some real-world examples and explore the technical considerations surrounding supply chain software implementation, integration, and automation.

17. Overcoming Top Technology Challenges for the Modern CFO

An extensive series covering the top technology challenges facing the Modern CFO, including KPIs & reporting, planning for growth, communicating financial information, and handling compliance.

18. Vistex Case Study: Cheney Brothers: Improving Customer Engagement with SAP® ERP and SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks

How did SAP Solutions by Vistex help Cheney Brothers boost revenue by 15%, and productivity by 50%? This case study details how the company was able to achieve such dramatic results.

19. Case Study: Sun & Ski Retailer Drop Ship Solutions

Learn how a direct-to-consumer vendor dropship solution helped Sun & Ski Sports expand its inventory and provide their customers with an "endless aisle" experience.

20. How Market Leaders Are Using Supply Chain Automation to Compete

The results of this University of Tennessee study show how market leaders have leveraged B2B integration and ERP technologies to improve customer satisfaction levels, operational productivity, and resource allocation.

Looking Back at 2018

Supply chain technology seems to evolve at the speed of light, and the past year is evidence of that. We’ve seen increasingly intuitive forms of automation, and technology capable of identifying supply chain anomalies almost the minute they occur. There’s no better time than now to take stock of the past year, assess your successes and weaknesses, then make a plan for 2019.

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