Jan 12-14: NRF 2020 Vision @ NYC

December 7, 2019

Attending for DiCentral: Rob Guerriere (robg@dicentral.com), Peter Edlund (pedlund@dicentral.com), Tina Jaekel (tjaekel@dicentral.com).

NRF 2020: Retail’s Big Show is the centerpiece of NRF Retail Week, where the entire industry unites to get a whole new perspective. NRF convenes the largest community of movers, shakers and industry makers who come together to see beyond what is, to reveal what could be. NRF 2020 is where visionary talent meets visionary tech and the latest and greatest becomes the here and now!

Approach the new year with a whole new perspective.
2020 vision starts with NRF 2020.


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Feb 2-4, 2021: SMB Innovation Summit @ Manila
Feb 2-4, 2021: SMB Innovation Summit @ Manila

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