Jun 18-21, 2019: GS1 Connect Conference @ Denver

Attending for DiCentral:  Rob Guerriere (robg@dicentral.com), Mark Sutter (msutter@dicentral.com), Peter Edlund (pedlund@dicentral.com), Tina Jaekel (tjaekel@dicentral.com).

An annual event hosted by GS1 US for the purpose of bringing trading partners together to network and learn about the value of using standards-based business processes and best practices for optimum efficiencies in managing the supply and demand sides of their value chain.

Meet face-to-face with your trading partners, solution providers and experts from a wide range of industries. Explore topics such as Data Quality & Data Management, Blockchain, Supply Chain Innovation & Emerging Technologies, Inventory Accuracy, Traceability & Visibility, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, IoT & Digital Disruption, Unique Identification and E-Commerce.

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