Mar 12, 2019 ~ Hearing Aid Provider Brings Medical Expertise to Big Box Consumers

March 12, 2019 Yehuda Cagen

HOUSTON – March 12, 2019 – Since 1984, New Orleans-based General Hearing Instruments has manufactured hearing aids for audiologists. But when the company began selling a more affordable, generic model directly to consumers at big box stores such as Walmart, they needed an EDI solution. And given HIPAA constraints, stringent FDA manufacturing requirements, and the proprietary ERP system they use, the EDI solution needed to be the right fit.

All General Hearing Instruments hearing aids, custom or generic, feature the same handcrafted build quality, expertise and stringent FDA-compliant manufacturing process. But supplying individually tuned hearing aids to audiologists is a fundamentally different paradigm than stocking America’s major Fortune 500 retailers.

“We used to have to log onto the individual websites for each customer,” recalls vice president of operations Robert Artigues. “When we began working with the biggest name in retail, we knew we needed a centralized hub where all the orders were consolidated into one location. DiCentral is exactly what we needed, and it provides flexibility and relieves stress in the order entry process.”

Associated with most major big retailers, General Hearing Instruments doesn’t have room to tolerate slow data entry and human error in the ordering process. “Downloading hundreds of orders at a time greatly reduces the number of mistakes and helps us save on costs, fulfill orders faster, and have higher throughput overall,” he continued.

Hearing aids can drastically improve quality of life for those suffering from hearing loss. But since custom hearing aids tuned by an audiologist can cost up to $11,000 – and they’re not typically covered by insurance. DiCentral plays a role in keeping costs down and operational efficiency up.

“Naturally, hearing aids have been out of reach for many people. But for the first time, buyers can purchase hearing aids online at about a tenth of the price of custom options, receive them in the mail and try them out,” said Artigues. “Customers can evaluate the cost-to-benefit ratio of hearing aids without such a significant investment. And if they have any problems, we’re just a phone call away. DiCentral helps make all that possible.”

“Companies such as General Hearing Instruments stand as a testament to how IT and supply chain efficiency not only helps in operational improvement, but makes it possible to bring innovations to a far wider customer base where products can truly improve the quality of daily life for so many,” said Thuy Mai, president and CEO at DiCentral.

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