May 29, 2018 ~ Healthcare Products Manufacturer Finds New Business Opportunities With DiCentral

May 29, 2018 Peter Edlund

HOUSTON – May 29, 2018 – Transfer Technology, an electrode manufacturer, recently partnered with DiCentral for an EDI solution to manage the logistics of getting its patches into stores around the country for individuals in pain.

Now Transfer Technology’s Re-Lieved Lidocaine Pain Relief Patch is sold in more than 7,000 Family Dollar stores and has become a go-to pain relief product for everyone including athletes, and seniors. Dawn Hewitt, Transfer Technology’s vice president of sales and marketing, said,” The patch’s retail success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of DiCentral’s web services, which is also helping to create new business for us.”

“This is an actual physical product we brought to market,” Hewitt said. “The deal with Family Dollar was huge, and DiCentral took care of all the logistics, streamlined the process, and kept everything organized. If we had an issue we could call them at any time.”

Hewitt shared that she uses DiCentral to quickly process purchase orders and create labels for shipping when Family Dollar sends its orders to Transfer Technology. The EDI web service also notifies the company’s clients when an order is ready for pickup and oversees scheduling.

“In the beginning, as a manufacturer, I looked at the service as another expense. We have a shipping department - why do we need this?” Hewitt continued. “But now I definitely see the benefit.”

Beyond handling the logistics with existing clients, Hewitt also credits Transfer Technology’s use of DiCentral’s services to opening up new business opportunities for its line of Re-Lieved Lidocaine Pain Relief Patch. As the company grows, it’s finding that new customers who are looking to stock its patch want to see that an EDI solution is already in use.

“Just having DiCentral eliminates a lot of the competition,” she said. “I’m going to trade shows and having more than 50 meetings already setup there with potential buyers from all over the country. An important part of my marketing presentation is showing them that Transfer Technology leverages EDI.”


Transfer Technology, an electrode and EKG designer and manufacturer, has been in the medical manufacturing business for more than 20 years. The company’s premier product, the ReLieved Lidocaine Pain Relief Patch, is a 4% lidocaine patch that’s sold over-the-counter and is specifically designed to manage pain. Transfer Technology is based in Huntington Beach, California and has a variety of international clients. Visit

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