Seven Questions to Ask Your Data Integration Provider

September 6, 2019 Michele Redmon


Avoid Surprises During Your Integration Project

“Big data” is a hot button topic in the modern business world, and as more and more organizations begin to see the value in data integration, an abundance of providers have appeared in the market. However, while many do possess some experience, they may lack the industry-specific knowledge necessary to handle your unique data integration process, or simply be unable to manage the scale of integration you need. For many organizations, finding the time and resources necessary to vet integration providers can be a challenge, and without an understanding of the data integration process, you may not know what questions to ask.

Over the course of more than twenty years managing data integration projects, DiCentral has received a variety of questions from prospective clients and partners. The best questions helped to clarify the process, defining the expectations of both the provider and customer, ensuring there were no surprises.

We’ve compiled the top seven questions in our latest whitepaper, and encourage organizations to use them when searching for a data integration provider.


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