Medical Equipment Provider Nikomed Elevates Customer Service Experience with DiCentral

April 15, 2020

HOUSTON, TX, -- Nikomed, a family-run medical equipment importer based in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, has heavily relied on DiCentral’s user-friendly EDI platform for nearly a decade to boost company growth and accessibility to major healthcare equipment distributors. Since Nikomed’s founding in 1986, the company has sought to consistently provide cutting-edge ECG electrode devices, used mainly for surgical or cardiology-related testing.

“Ever since we began using DiCentral’s EDI solution, everything has been running more smoothly,” said Neil Epstein, vice president of sales for Nikomed. “Our customer interaction has been completely streamlined, from purchase orders to sending shipments out.”

In recent years, the company has expanded its global reach to include medical equipment distributors such as McKesson Medical-Surgical and Cardinal Health. The major distributors required Nikomed to implement a seamlessly innovative EDI platform, and DiCentral proved better than any alternative options considered by the company.

“Nikomed sees DiCentral as a gatekeeper to international distribution, and we’re excited to explore more ways in which we can maximize our use of their platform,” said Epstein.

When clients began requesting EDI in order to carry out business, Epstein weighed various EDI platforms that were suggested by clients. He conducted his own research by evaluating what would be most cost-effective for Nikomed, in addition to having a simplified onboarding process. Each Nikomed client also required a differing level of EDI implementation, making an easy to modify platform an important part of Epstein’s search for a solution. It quickly became clear that DiCentral was the most efficient, practical, and easy-to-use option by far, and was quickly integrated within Nikomed’s existing infrastructure.

“We consistently strive to make the deployment process as smooth as possible, allowing clients to leverage the innovative convenience that EDI offers,” said Thuy Mai, DiCentral CEO. “Nikomed is a great example of a company we work with to ensure this takes place, and we are so glad they have been with us over the last seven years.”

Looking to the future, Epstein says he is pleased with how far the company has grown while using DiCentral in partnership with major medical distributors nationwide, and hopes to soon expand the software’s usage by installing a compatible QuickBooks plug-in.


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