Aug 31, 2016 ~ Dicentral’s Inventory Control & Order Management Solution Enables Magformers’ Omni-Channel Dropship Program

August 31, 2016 Peter Edlund

Dicentral’s Inventory Control and Order Management Solution Enables Magoformers’ Omni-Channel Dropship Program



HOUSTON - August 31, 2016 Magformers, an industry leader in magnetic building toys for children, chose DiCentral, a leading innovator in supply chain management and B2B integration solutions, to implement an inventory control and order management solution to help them comply with retailer guidelines and automate large volumes of orders.


The results of the implementation allowed Magformers to automate their drop ship program, reduce manual data entry, add new customers and generate over $1 million in new revenue.

“We had to manually enter and fulfill large volumes of orders within a short period of time. It was impossible to continue processing the orders manually. We needed a solution that could scale and automate our dropship process”, says Jon Gorman, Director of Finance and Logistics.

“The DiCentral solution has allowed us to remove manual activity in the order fulfillment process and seamlessly integrate orders with QuickBooks. In addition, the solution enabled better inventory visibility, compliant labeling, and carrier-integration for the delivery of product”.

Prior to deploying DiCentral’s solutions, Magformers struggled to process orders cost effectively, efficiently, and in compliance with the guidelines of retailers. As a result, the company experienced inventory issues, low retailer scorecard performance, and incurred chargebacks.

“DiCentral continuously strives to help companies like Magformers minimize operational disruption in their supply chain, and maximize efficiency through inventory control and order management solutions that extend the life of their accounting software,” says Thuy Mai, president and CEO of DiCentral. “We are thrilled to see our solutions enable Magformers to bridge the gap between a traditional replenishment model and omni-channel dropship program.”

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About DiCentral

Founded in 2000, DiCentral is a leading global provider of B2Bi Managed Services headquartered in Houston, Texas with 10 offices worldwide supporting customers in over 27 countries. DiCentral’s services and solutions are singularly focused on B2B integration and used by many of the Fortune 1000, processing over $200 billion in transactions for over 30,000 organizations worldwide. The company’s vertical expertise transcends Automotive, Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Energy and Financial Services. DiCentral provides turn-key Cloud based B2Bi Managed Services, which allows organizations to connect and exchange critical business documents with their trading community. The core components of the Managed Services offering include: ERP Integration, Secure B2B Communications, Data Transformation, Business Rule Analytics, Inventory Management and Trading Partner Community Management. The company develops and markets a complementary suite of supply chain applications. For more information, please visit

About MagFormers

MAGFORMERS LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Plymouth, MI. Founded with the Architects of the future in mind MAGFORMERS is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of magnetic children’s toys. MAGFORMERS® is the industry leader in magnetic building toys for children. We believe it is vital for children to develop through creativity and our patented, ‘always attracting’ magnetic technology delivers a unique constructional play experience. It is MAGFORMERS® commitment to providing a high quality, reliable product that inspires the creators of the future.

At MAGFORMERS® they pride themselves in the quality of their product and the play experience it delivers. Each shape contains rotating Rare Earth Neodymium magnets, the strongest of their kind for guaranteed connectivity. Every magnet is kept safe and secure in Sonic welded, BPA free, HQABS plastic. This process of manufacturing ensures each magnet is encapsulated with the utmost security, providing a safe, long lasting play experience.

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