Penn Dairy Turns to DiCentral for EDI Integration Amid Continued Expansion

December 18, 2019

Dec 18, 2019:

HOUSTON, TX  — Penn Dairy, a specialized dairy manufacturer headquartered in Winfield, Pennsylvania, has leveraged DiCentral’s EDI management solution to integrate with their existing supply chain fulfillment infrastructure, allowing for increased supply chain efficiency in the dairy market.

In order to expand its scope of distributors and grow the customer base, finding a scalable EDI platform was critical for Penn Dairy. The DiCentral partnership was key in onboarding key customers, such as C&S Wholesale, the largest privately-held wholesale grocery supply company in the United States. The ability to automate digital transactions to and from C&S and other trading partners has made the supply chain flow more efficient and less prone to human error.

“EDI compliance programs have various criteria per customer, but thankfully DiCentral was able to get us up and running pretty quickly,” said James Schuck, Chief Financial Officer at Penn Dairy. “The DiCentral EDI management solution includes templates so it’s been a really simple process from our perspective.”

Penn Dairy recently added an original yogurt product to their existing lineup of dairy offerings and sought to expand their network of distributors. By incorporating EDI through DiCentral, Penn Dairy saved time and resources through supply chain automation and eliminated trading partner-imposed charges for non-compliance with EDI standards.

“The process couldn’t have been smoother, which ultimately made the difference when deciding which EDI provider would be the best fit,” said Schuck. “The DiCentral system is very intuitive and easy to use I had no reason to look elsewhere. Overall, working with DiCentral has been very easy and they are very customer-service oriented. I look forward to doing more with their EDI platform.”

Based on the experience with DiCentral, Penn Dairy plans to integrate additional supply chain automation features specifically intending to incorporate purchase orders with the general ledger package, providing distributors with real-time visibility into supplier inventory.

“EDI is a gateway for organizations to pursue new markets and profit levels not made possible without a fully integrated supply chain,” said Thuy Mai, CEO of DiCentral. “Penn Dairy is another successful example of businesses taking the leap to an integrated supply chain to further fuel its expansion.”

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