DiCentral Helps Luxury Clothing Brand MONFRÈRE Move Fashion Forward

May 14, 2021

Technology Deployment Spawned by One Retail Partner Leads to Integrations with Numerous Department Stores throughout the United States

DiCentral, a global B2Bi and API solutions provider, recently announced that MONFRÈRE, a Los Angeles-based men’s fashion brand, partnered with DiCentral in 2016 to meet the EDI requirements of Bergdorf Goodman, the brand’s first leading distributor.

MONFRÈRE, which means “my brother” in French, was created by Sean Rudes and Steven Dann, who are close brothers-in-law with acclaimed backgrounds in the fashion industry. Citing DiCentral’s fast, reliable customer service and easy-to-use technology, MONFRÈRE continues to rely upon DiCentral for invoice management, purchase orders, advanced shipping notices (ASNs), order information, and order confirmations.

“When we started, we shipped for a partner that required us to use EDI and gave us a set amount of time to be EDI-compliant,” said Sean Rudes, MONFRÈRE founder and president. “They recommended that we take a look at DiCentral.”

Equipped with DiCentral as its EDI provider, MONFRÈRE expanded its brand and now works with Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom. MONFRÈRE also sells its brand – which encompasses the highest quality garments, innovative fits and fabrics, and fashion-forward design – to top specialty stores around the United States.

“Although we're a small company, we were already set up with EDI, so it made us equipped to work with major department stores, and the transitions were smooth,” Rudes said. “DiCentral works with every partner we’ve had, so there’s no reason to use anybody else.”

A warehouse manager now deals with all of MONFRÈRE’s EDI solutions, and Rudes says that the company is considering the deployment of additional DiCentral technology. The brand is currently evaluating options for integrating DiCentral into its ERP system to increase efficiencies further.

“As companies such as MONFRÈRE grow and become success stories within their industry, we’re pleased to work with them to maximize their expansion opportunities,” said Thuy Mai, DiCentral CEO. “DiCentral looks forward to being part of MONFRÈRE’s continued mission to design fashion pieces that define attainable luxury and are available at an ever-growing number of partners.”

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