Insect Protection Apparel Manufacturer Has DiCentral Help Keep the Bugs Away for Over a Decade

July 16, 2021

Houston, Texas – June 30, 2021DiCentral, a global B2Bi and API solutions provider, today announced that Oklahoma City-based Rynoskin Total, a leading producer of insect protection apparel, has relied on DiCentral’s EDI solutions to increase its operational efficiency for over 10 years.

Offering a unique concept for consumers with gear specifically designed to be worn underneath the clothing, Rynoskin Total provides wearers with unmatched comfort, breathability, and movement while eliminating snags against brush. Rynoskin Total insect protection clothing will stretch to accommodate all different body sizes. The suit (shirt, pants, hood, socks, gloves) protects its wearer through the weave of the fabric and the form-fitting elastic cuffs that create the ultimate barrier against biting insects.

Using DiCentral EDI solutions, Rynoskin Total is able to sell its chemical-free, ultra-lightweight, and body-forming insect protection internationally to retailers like AAFES Military Exchange and Amazon. In essence, both companies work in tandem to help keep the bugs away: Rynoskin repels against insects, and DiCentral ensures the bustling company’s purchase orders and invoices are error-free and on schedule. Company CEO T. Hudson says that DiCentral saves her company a significant amount of time and money.

“DiCentral’s platform for small and mid-sized businesses is both useful and user-friendly,” Hudson said. “Anyone in the company can pick it up and run with it – and if we had to process everything ourselves, we'd have to dedicate a full-time employee. Right now, our designated EDI specialist has several other duties and is not fully dedicated to purchase orders and invoicing. Rynoskin Total receives emails from DiCentral that tell them when they have a purchase order, so all they need to do is get online, pull and process the order, and invoice the vendor. Hudson says the process is extremely simple yet vital for her company. 

“We pride ourselves on providing safety and effectiveness that does not wash out over time,” Hudson said. “Our shirt, pants, hood, socks, and gloves are so comfortable that the wearer will forget that they're wearing it. We see DiCentral as an important tool behind the scenes, playing a central role in our business. It helps my company run smoothly, and the DiCentral representatives are very knowledgeable – we’ve never had a problem.”

“We are pleased that Rynoskin Total chose us more than a decade ago to process and ship its scientifically-tested, high-quality apparel,” said Thuy Mai, CEO at DiCentral. “We look forward to working with them for decades to come, distributing their innovative garments as efficiently as possible.”


About DiCentral

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