Tacki-Mac Grips and Avon Grips Streamline Shipping Process with DiCentral

January 15, 2020

Jan 15, 2020:

HOUSTON, TEXAS –  Tacki-Mac Grips and Avon Grips, Texas-based manufacturers of motorcycle and golf handle grips, partnered with DiCentral, a global leader in supply chain automation solutions, to streamline its EDI and supply chain processes for their growing line of sporting goods.

Since Tacki-Mac Grips and Avon Grips spend a large amount of time and resources focused on their manufacturing process, the supply chain processes rely on DiCentral to increase shipping efficiency by automating purchase orders and invoices while also monitoring and tracking orders and shipping statuses.

“We do everything in our warehouse – manufacturing and shipping,” said Debby Rosa, shipping manager for both Tacki-Mac Grips and Avon Grips. “We are two companies operating under one roof that have two distinct styles of grips. DiCentral helps manage the invoicing, purchase orders and shipping of both companies and automates the process to prevent any human prone errors.”

Tacki-Mac Grips and Avon Grips use DiCentral’s EDI solution with major sporting goods retailers such as Academy and Dick’s Sporting Goods. With each retailer needing specific EDI requirements that must be closely adhered to, DiCentral provides a comprehensive solution that features an easy-to-use EDI system to automate reports and integrate with the supply chain management system of some of the nation’s largest sporting goods retailers.

“We use DiCentral to completely manage our EDI processes for some of our customers,” Rosa said. “The ease of use is so important given the meticulous nature of the EDI process and what is asked of our customers. We always strive to show a commitment to accuracy and reliability and DiCentral brings efficiency to that process.”

Presently, DiCentral helps process B2B sales for both Tacki-Mac Grips and Avon Grips. The companies expect to expand DiCentral’s cloud-based EDI solution to more of their retail customers in the near future.

“At DiCentral we pride ourselves on our EDI expertise for a wide variety of companies with their own unique needs,” said Thuy Mai, DiCentral’s President and CEO. “As fellow Houston-based companies, Avon Grips’ and Tack-Mac Grips’ are customers that we especially proud to showcase given our lengthy, ongoing role in their successful use of EDI technologies.”


About DiCentral

Founded in 2000, DiCentral is a leading global provider of B2Bi managed services. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, DiCentral has 11 offices worldwide supporting customers in more than 35 countries. DiCentral’s services and solutions are singularly focused on B2B integration and are used by many Fortune 1000 companies, processing over $200 billion in transactions for over 30,000 organizations worldwide. The company’s vertical expertise transcends through the automotive, retail, distribution, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy and financial services. DiCentral provides turn-key cloud-based B2Bi managed services, which allows organizations to connect and exchange critical business documents with their trading community. The core components of the managed services offering include ERP integration, secure B2B communications, data transformation, business rule analytics, inventory management and trading partner community management. The company develops and markets a complementary suite of supply chain applications. Visit www.dicentral.com.

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