Jul 3, 2019: DiCentral Helps Supplier Fill Needs of Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

July 3, 2019 Yehuda Cagen

HOUSTON – July 3, 2019 – For heavy machinery manufacturers that make complex products which require parts from a multitude of suppliers, the need for clear communication and consistent information across the entire order and tracking process is paramount.  One such manufacturer counts on Cypress Multigraphics, an Illinois-based provider of durable labels for use in the appliance industry. The company depends on DiCentral’s EDI platform to efficiently serve the manufacturer and keep that supply chain operating efficiently.

DiCentral facilitates many aspects of the company’s ordering process for that specific client, from ASN’s to packing slips and invoices. Jessica Blumenthal, a Cypress Multigraphics customer service representative, manages several customer accounts, including both those with and without EDI solutions of their own. She sees firsthand the many benefits that come with having a reliable and efficient EDI solution, as well as the challenges when manual processes are still being used.

Blumenthal credits DiCentral with making her job easier, saying, “There are never questions about the status of an order, since all the order information and EDI documents are stored in the software and can be easily retrieved.”

Customers often have changing needs, and when they don’t update their purchase orders accordingly, it can lead to errors and confusion between parties. EDI automation allows Cypress Multigraphics to send and receive real-time updates, ensuring that they are always working in sync.

“When I need to communicate with the client, all of the messages go through the DiCentral system and appear in our email inboxes,” Blumenthal explained. “This process helps us avoid the friction that comes with incorrect or late order information.”

“We are committed to ensuring that DiCentral is easy to use both on the supplier end as well as the manufacturer side,” said Thuy Mai, President and CEO at DiCentral. “While many of our clients are retailers, others use DiCentral to secure the parts and components they need to build their products. Clear communication and consistent pricing information helps every business reach their goals.”


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