May 4, 2017 ~ DiCentral & 1WorldSync Partner to Enhance Support for Retail Omni Channel Customers

May 4, 2017 Peter Edlund

DiCentral and 1WorldSync Partner to Enhance Support for Retail Omni Channel Customers

Leading B2Bi Managed Services Provider and Product Content Exchange Network Create Joint Partnership to Support Evolving Supply Chain Processes

HOUSTON – May 04, 2017 DiCentral, a leading global provider of B2Bi Managed Services, and 1WorldSync, the largest global content exchange network, have partnered to leverage DiCentral’s vast network of EDI trading partners and 1WorldSync’s catalogue of product content in order to support critical supply chain processes

“Agility, supply chain collaboration, speed of expanding aisle assortment and having complete product description information are critical for on-line shoppers today,” said CEO of DiCentral Thuy Mai. “DiCentral and 1WorldSync are dedicated to fulfilling these attributes for both retailers and suppliers that share responsibilities in the shift from traditional brick and mortar replenishment to the e-commerce, drop ship world. We are thrilled to announce this partnership to expand our support in these areas,” continued Mai.

Retailers and suppliers using DiCentral’s global network of trading partners will now have access to 1WorldSync’s leading product content platform. The partnership will provide standardized, timely and accurate product-related information in a manner that enables trading partners to build aisle assortment quickly and electronically, thereby bypassing historical manual processes. Consistent digital methodologies, combined with completeness, will allow on-line stores to add content quickly and cost effectively.

DiCentral will enable this collaboration of information so that both retailers and suppliers will share visibility on inventory, orders, shipping information, invoicing and remittance information in real-time. Analytics will alert eco-system members when established parameters have been reached to prevent issues from occurring.

“The DiCentral and 1WorldSync solution has a complete eco-system of trading partners, including retailers, suppliers, parcel post carriers and other logistics partners already defined,” said Chief Commercial Officer of 1WorldSync Dan Wilkinson. “Our combined solution with DiCentral will further enhance supply chain efficiency, power customer loyalty and enable our customers to scale more quickly.”

As a part of this partnership, DiCentral and 1WorldSync co-released a whitepaper this year titled “Connected Commerce Through the Cloud: Achieving Operational Excellence in an Omnichannel World,” to explore how brick and mortar retailers can develop the operational backbone to support e-commerce investments. The whitepaper provides insights and best practices on how to connect cloud-based B2B integration with product content aggregation and syndication, as well as how to achieve streamlined end-to-end digital commerce in a cost-effective and scalable manner. It describes how retailers and suppliers are witnessing a supply chain transformation—and how those organizations that take an active role in the adoption and usage of GS1 Standards are in a better position to see a boost in sales and in customer satisfaction.

The companies will promote the whitepaper during a joint presentation at the GS1 Connect® conference in Las Vegas on June 21, 2017, led by DiCentral’s Director of Industry Solutions Rob Guerriere and 1WorldSync’s Global Omnichannel Lead Nick Manzo. DiCentral and 1WorldSync will also co-present a webinar about the whitepaper findings on July 25, 2017.

To learn more about DiCentral’s B2Bi Managed Services solutions, visit

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About DiCentral

Founded in 2000, DiCentral is a leading global provider of B2Bi Managed Services headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 10 offices worldwide supporting customers in over 27 countries. DiCentral’s services and solutions are singularly focused on B2B integration and used by many of the Fortune 1000, processing over $200 billion in transactions for over 30,000 organizations worldwide. The company’s vertical expertise transcends Automotive, Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Energy and Financial Services. DiCentral provides turn-key Cloud based B2Bi Managed Services, which allows organizations to connect and exchange critical business documents with their trading community. The core components of the Managed Services offering include: ERP Integration, Secure B2B Communications, Data Transformation, Business Rule Analytics, Inventory Management and Trading Partner Community Management. The company develops and markets a complementary suite of supply chain applications. For more information, please visit

About 1WorldSync

1WorldSync™ is the leading provider of product content solutions, enabling more than 25,000 global companies in over 60 countries to share authentic, trusted content with customers and consumers, empowering intelligent choices for purchases, wellness, and lifestyle decisions. Through its technology platform and expert services, 1WorldSync provides solutions that meet the diverse needs of the industry. 1WorldSync is the only product content network provider and GDSN Data Pool to achieve ISO Certification 27001. For more information, please visit .

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