Nov 5, 2018 ~ Dallas-Based Home Accessory Manufacturer Asks DiCentral to Streamline Shipping to National Retailer

November 5, 2018 Robert Salmon

HOUSTON – November 5, 2018 – Old World Design, a leading Dallas-based manufacturer of home lighting and accessories, offers high-quality products that feature hand-applied finishes and a high-end look at an exceptional value. Neiman Marcus, one of the large retailers where you can find the company’s highly-praised products, asked Old World Design to deploy DiCentral’s EDI solution specifically to streamline the shipping process. That was four years ago, and the relationship not only remains strong, but has continued to grow over the years.

With specific requirements that must be closely followed, DiCentral provided a comprehensive EDI solution that offered an easy-to-use system to process reports on their orders with the nationally-known customer. Lynn Hamilton, Old World Design’s director of sales and marketing, said the ease of use was especially welcomed, given the need to carefully manage buyer relationships and show an ever-present commitment to accuracy and reliability.

“It’s important to not feel as if you have to go through extensive training in order to use tools like DiCentral that are required by the customer,” Hamilton said. “Every customer has unique requirements, so the simpler we can make the process, the better. And that’s the value of DiCentral. At any given time we are shipping up to 20 different products, and DiCentral consistently manages the process for us, from receiving orders, producing ASNs and invoices, to printing UCC labels. We’re happy with the DiCentral system, and most importantly, the customer’s expectations are always met.”

Old World Design’s products have been featured in Home Accents Today as well as Home Lighting & Accessories and have been nominated multiple times for the annual ARTS Award. Hamilton said DiCentral helps their internal processes shine, just as their high-quality products continually receive praise.

“It’s an honor to announce another Texas-based company such as Old World Design as the latest example of EDI success through the use of DiCentral,” said Thuy Mai, president and CEO at DiCentral. “We’re glad to play a role in helping companies not only obtain, but retain big-name clients that bring specific EDI requirements with their business.”


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