Plastic Ingenuity Enables Seamless EDI Compliance Across Multiple Industries with DiCentral

July 15, 2020

HOUSTON, TX — Plastic Ingenuity, one of the largest custom plastic thermoformers in North America, has partnered with DiCentral, a leading provider of cloud-based supply chain integration solutions to integrate with a customer base that spans the healthcare, consumer and food industries. The partnership seamlessly enables EDI compliance across each of the industries.

In order to simplify its purchase order, and shipping process, finding an easy-to-use EDI platform was critical for Plastic Ingenuity. The DiCentral partnership was a critical step in onboarding key customers who necessitated EDI compliance. By deploying DiCentral’s B2Bi solution to automate digital purchase orders, shipping labels and invoices to and from trading partners has Plastic Ingenuity has increased efficiencies to the supply chain process and decreased manual data entry and related potential for human error.

“EDI compliance programs have various criteria per customer and even within different industries, but thankfully DiCentral is able to integrate seamlessly across these different industries,” said Julie Lines, Customer Service Account Executive at Plastic Ingenuity. “The DiCentral EDI management solution we use is easy to search and find documents such as purchase orders stored within the system.”

For Lines and her team, the greatest benefit of utilizing DiCentral’s B2Bi solution is the response time from DiCentral to process the orders. Issues on purchase orders are now resolved in a couple hours versus days before the company started using DiCentral.  

“DiCentral has a great EDI solution that makes it easy to process customer orders and keep on top of their requests. DiCentral understands what the different needs are for different customers, so it’s not something that we have to worry about,” said Lines. “Additionally, DiCentral has outstanding customer support and they help us walk through each new customer to make sure that we are get all of the testing done quickly and efficiently.

With supply chain automation in place, Plastic Ingenuity is now enabled to seamlessly scale new products from an experimental launch to global distribution across both brick and mortar shops and e-commerce businesses. Additionally, because of added revenue and time saved from utilizing DiCentral’s B2Bi solution, the company has been able to grow their business by rolling out sustainable packaging materials.

“Plastic Ingenuity is a great success story filled with innovation, a dedication to product quality, and a commitment to operational efficiency,” said Thuy Mai, president and CEO at DiCentral. “We’re pleased to see that DiCentral played a role in helping innovative companies such as Plastic Ingenuity become nationwide leaders in their market.”


About DiCentral

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