Sep 11, 2018 ~ Lumber Products Manufacturer Uses DiCentral to Facilitate Long-Term Growth

September 11, 2018 Yehuda Cagen

New Mexico-based Western Wood Products (WWP) turned to DiCentral more than 10 years ago for an EDI solution. At its customers’ request, the company looked to further streamline its growing operations, as it provides large stores and other organizations with numerous treated and untreated lumber products including dowel and socket fences, posts, sawn timbers, guard rails, pallet lumber and wood pellets for heating, bedding and cooking. The large customers not only expect quality products, but also accuracy and efficiency in their ordering and payment process.

“DiCentral does two important things for the company,” said Ray Levengood, President at Western Wood Products. “First, it allows us to consistently and quickly have our purchase orders come in. And secondly, we get our invoices turned over quickly using DiCentral. Obviously, those are core elements of any business. We’ve never felt the need to shop around given DiCentral’s system has consistently worked well. And with virtually no glitches over the years, that’s quite something.”

Serving customers in multiple states and offering a wide variety of products, Levengood said the company’s facility is unique in the industry in that everything that comes in is raw material and everything that goes out is usable product. That zero-waste approach results in numerous products and large orders. Levengood said that more than half of its business is conducted through DiCentral’s cloud-based EDI solution. That vast number of documents is easily managed, as DiCentral ensures ongoing compliance with its buyers’ specific EDI requirements.

Levengood said he sees additional buyers coming on board and using DiCentral to service them, positioning DiCentral’s EDI capabilities as a needed tool for ongoing growth and peace of mind for demanding buyers.

“Buyers of all types of products, including the most foundational elements for building, agriculture and cooking, demand the same ordering and invoicing efficiency that other more luxury-oriented buyers demand,” said Thuy Mai, president and CEO at DiCentral. “We’re pleased that DiCentral has provided more than a decade of trusted EDI technology to an innovative lumber products manufacturer such as Western Wood Products. It serves as one of our latest long-term stories of customer success.”


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