Synergy of DiCentral and EDI IQ Enables Companies to Reach New Heights

November 29, 2021

Houston, Texas – November 22, 2021 – DiCentral, a global B2Bi and API solutions provider, today announced that EDI IQ has relied on DiCentral to assist in delivering its top-notch managed services.  Larry McBride, the president and CEO of EDI IQ, recognizes the unique requirements of each of his clients’ businesses and customizes an EDI solution that best meets their needs.  McBride, who has 25 years of experience in EDI, also sees the high value of DiCentral as an EDI provider.

“DiCentral enables a company – whether a mom n’ pop shop, an SMB, or a large organization – to trade with partners nationally or internationally and to see the procurement and delivery process all in one place,” McBride said.  “It can be as simple as a computer and Internet connection, and everything is provided from a one-stop-shop – DiCentral.  Totally scalable.”

EDI is becoming a necessity for companies of all sizes, as more and more trading partners require EDI transaction processing.  EDI is a time-saving, cost-effective way for customers and vendors to exchange documents, such as purchase orders, ship notices, invoicing, and electronic payment/remittance.  As a partner of DiCentral, EDI IQ eliminates EDI-related burdens so that clients can efficiently use the benefits of the software without detracting from building the clients’ market presence.  This affords clients more time to manage and grow their business.

“When a client, or potential client, has an invention or new product that’s going to be bought by a retail chain, I bring them to DiCentral or DiCentral’s new partner, TrueCommerce,” McBride said.  “I work with DiCentral, the client, and the trading partner to complete the onboarding process.  This includes whatever transactions are required.  We also conduct a test process to ensure everything is working, so the client will be ready to rock n’ roll.”

DiCentral was the portal that EDI IQ’s first customer was using, which is how McBride became acquainted with DiCentral.  The partnership paid off as he continues to use DiCentral’s software today. EDI IQ can manage the EDI and logistics processes to ensure timely and accurate order fulfillment, which is a requirement to avoid chargeback fees levied by vendors for late or inaccurate transactions.

“My clients use DiCentral to trade with their partners – whether it’s Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's, Target or Walmart,” he said.  “They also use DiCentral for its capabilities to integrate with ERP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, SAP and QuickBooks, just to mention a few, to better monitor their productivity, sales, and inventory,” added McBride.  “It’s all web-based, so there’s no software installation or capital investment needed.”

EDI doesn’t have to be an expensive in-house solution or a drain on a company’s staff.  With DiCentral’s solutions and EDI IQ’s support, there is no need to worry about the technology behind EDI or regulatory requirements.  They take care of it all.

“DiCentral and EDI IQ is the perfect marriage of EDI solutions and EDI managed services,” said Thuy Mai, CEO at DiCentral. “DiCentral brings EDI, tech support, and regulatory support to the table while EDI IQ aligns clients with ongoing retail processes.  We are pleased to partner with EDI IQ, whose unique expertise takes our customers to the next level of comprehensive management of supply chain infrastructure.”


About DiCentral

Founded in 2000, DiCentral is a leading global provider of business-to-business and application integration solutions, with over two decades of experience solving complex EDI and API challenges.  As market conditions continue to fluctuate and technology is deployed to manage process changes, leading organizations rely on DiCentral’s cloud-based integration platform and global team of specialized experts to integrate and leverage data across multiple cloud and on-premise systems and applications.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, DiCentral has 11 offices worldwide, supporting customers in more than 35 countries.  DiCentral offers a vast library of integrations with ERPs and applications so companies can seamlessly exchange transactional data with trading partners worldwide to maximize ROI while maintaining existing data infrastructure.  DiCentral’s services and solutions are leveraged by many Fortune 1000 companies, processing over $200 billion in transactions for over 30,000 organizations worldwide.  For more information, visit

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