Collaboration Is Key to ServeCo's Partnership with TrueCommerce DiCentral

January 27, 2022

Houston, Texas –  TrueCommerce DiCentral, a global B2Bi and API solutions provider, today adds Georgia-based furniture care leader, ServeCo, as one of its latest success stories. 

In 2015, ServeCo combined multiple companies to create a single-source furniture care and service provider. This consolidation included extended service contract programs, on-site cleaning and repair services, traffic-generating product loyalty programs, and private labeled sleep essentials. At the same time, they partnered with TrueCommerce DiCentral for their EDI solutions, specifically for warehouse and shipping purposes.

"TrueCommerce DiCentral has opened doors for us in a significant way by giving us the ability to collaborate with big retailers and manufacturers," said Tony Milano, ServeCo CEO. "Lowe's was the first company we used TrueCommerce DiCentral with because of the requirement for EDI capabilities." 

Although the integration took place in 2015, ServeCo has a heritage of 34 years in the furniture care and service business. Its customers include national retailers such as La-Z-Boy and Ashley Furniture Home Stores, as well as local retailers like Jerome's Furniture and City Furniture.

"We supply furniture care products to the home furnishings industry, and we provide in-home service for furniture manufacturers and furniture retailers," Milano said. "TrueCommerce DiCentral helps us quite a bit. As we approach larger retailers and manufacturers, they require us to use EDI for transmitting orders or products. Additionally, we must use EDI to send orders to buy parts from manufacturers."

ServeCo had to integrate with other retailers' EDI systems to implement EDI solutions. Since TrueCommerce DiCentral was already collaborating with many of ServeCo's customers' providers, the deployment process was quite simple.

"TrueCommerce DiCentral set up its EDI system quickly and seamlessly, and it's a standalone system – we don't use anything else," Milano said. "We use EDI solutions for purchase orders, ASNs, and order confirmations. TrueCommerce DiCentral saves us time and money because it reduces the need for manual labor to create and send documents."

Milano further explained that when ServeCo is looking at a new trading partner, having EDI capabilities lends credibility to ServeCo as a company.

"We are thrilled to be part of ServeCo's legacy of excellent services," said Thuy Mai, CEO at TrueCommerce DiCentral. "ServeCo and DiCentral have the shared value of dedication to delivering exceptional customer outcomes."


About TrueCommerce DiCentral

TrueCommerce DiCentral is a leading global provider of business-to-business and application integration solutions, with over two decades of experience solving complex EDI and API challenges. As market conditions continue to fluctuate and technology is deployed to manage process changes, leading organizations rely on TrueCommerce DiCentral's cloud-based integration platform and global team of specialized experts to integrate and leverage data across multiple cloud and on-premise systems and applications. 

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