DiCentral Helps Office Products Manufacturer Increase Efficiency and Change Lives

October 15, 2020

Stride, Inc. is a nationally recognized business for integrated employment of adults with special needs. By selling office products, Stride has — for 39 years and counting — allowed special needs adults to make strides in their development and contribute meaningfully to their community. The company, which is based in Albuquerque, NM, chose DiCentral for its reputable capabilities in 2012 to expand into major retailers that require EDI solutions. Stride continues to work with DiCentral for its outstanding customer support.

“For a small business like ours that seeks to work with some of the biggest retail names, DiCentral’s EDI solutions offer tremendous benefits,” said Coleen Hall, inventory and production manager at Stride. “Because we don’t have a big staff, their solutions save us time and cut down on errors because we’re relying on fewer manual processes. We use DiCentral for our bigger customers that demand consistent and accurate ordering systems, such as Office Depot, Staples, SPR, Essendant, Amazon and School Specialty.”

For these companies, Stride employs everything from bringing in orders to pushing out invoices, including purchasing solutions and the advance ship notice (ASN) feature. These solutions benefit both Stride and its partners by automatically and seamlessly completing essential functions. DiCentral also offers Stride and its retail partners live technical support.

“Our entire system has been set up to meet our customers’ requirements,” said Jessica Miera,” Stride COO. “DiCentral plays a vital role by logging into our system and customizing the settings based on our specific invoicing and shipping needs as well as that of our individual customers. It’s an integral organizational and compliance tool for our company that enables us to address a wide variety of different requirements for each retailer.”

Both Miera and Hall emphasized the benefits of DiCentral’s award-winning customer service, estimating that DiCentral’s solutions cut down 15 man-hours per week by enabling the automation of documents– a big deal for a company with only a dozen employees. Furthermore, Hall is impressed with the training that DiCentral provides to save the company even more time.

“They usually handle everything from their end, and we rarely have to wait,” Hall said. “DiCentral has taught me how to fix problems on my own, so I don’t have to wait for a technician. Their customer service is the best.”

DiCentral takes pride in being part of Stride’s worthy undertaking of providing jobs for adults with special needs. Stride’s branded products — Schneider Pens, QuickFit Binders, EasyFit, Primo, Aurora Casemade Products and Stride Writing Instruments — are strategically placed at office product retailers and online throughout the United States. Consumers can ask for Stride wherever they buy office products.

“I have so much admiration for the purpose and promise of Stride, Inc. as a company,” said Thuy Mai, DiCentral CEO. “It is with great pleasure that we provide the EDI solutions they need to help them grow their office product sales and maintain their mission to employ adults with special needs.”

For more information about Stride, Inc., visit www.strideinc.com.


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