Apr 18, 2019 ~ Calgary Company Provides Glitter to the Stars With DiCentral

February 19, 2019 Yehuda Cagen

HOUSTON – April 18, 2019 – Calgary-based Lit Cosmetics, a purveyor of cosmetics for 18 years, began as Jodie Perks’ beauty school idea. Now, she and husband James Perks have grown their makeup business into a worldwide enterprise with the help of DiCentral’s EDI suite.

Serving A-listers like Lady Gaga, Cirque Du Soleil and Trixie Mattel, as well as retailers such as Sephora and Bloomingdale’s, the company saw the need for a robust EDI solution to grow their cosmetics business and serve the company’s larger customers.

“We wanted everything under one roof, especially for wholesale,” James said, who manages merchandise and logistics at the company.

As Lit began to sell their cosmetics directly to consumers via its e-commerce website, it was clear that their transition from local retail to international e-commerce demanded better tools. One of Lit’s earliest retail customers approached them about deploying an EDI solution, suggesting various options. But DiCentral’s support and international capabilities stood out.

“Whether it’s me or someone else on our staff, it’s really important to us that we have access to call-in tech support at any time,” James said. “At the end of the day, DiCentral provided a better method for organized, traceable order management.”

Expanding worldwide is never an easy feat, but as the company grew, DiCentral helped them manage fulfillment of orders across multiple time zones, international shipping, and even custom label sizes for differently-shaped packages.

“That might seem small,” James added. “But it makes a big difference for our process. We’re located in Canada, so everything we make has crossed a border at some point. That can be raw materials coming in, or products on their way to a customer.”

Given the added challenges, James said it’s important to use information from past orders to plan for future orders. Leveraging information such as the order’s point of origin, the contact person, and customs documentation, Lit uses DiCentral to generate “recipes” for quick and efficient border passage. And with an EDI system as a backbone, Lit Cosmetics can also easily reach out to new parts of the world.

“India has become one of our largest sources of customers over the last year,” James said. “We never would have been able to establish these types of relationships without DiCentral’s EDI tools to curate for exactly what we need. And if I’m not sure how something works, they’re just a phone call away.”


About DiCentral

Founded in 2000, DiCentral is a leading global provider of B2Bi managed services. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, DiCentral has 10 offices worldwide supporting customers in more than 27 countries. DiCentral’s services and solutions are singularly focused on B2B integration and are used by many Fortune 1000 companies, processing over $200 billion in transactions for over 30,000 organizations worldwide. The company’s vertical expertise transcends through the automotive, retail, distribution, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, energy and financial services. DiCentral provides turn-key cloud-based B2Bi managed services, which allows organizations to connect and exchange critical business documents with their trading community. The core components of the managed services offering include ERP integration, secure B2B communications, data transformation, business rule analytics, inventory management and trading partner community management. The company develops and markets a complementary suite of supply chain applications. Visit www.dicentral.com.


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