DiCentral Philippines Executive Forum, 24 June 2021

July 9, 2021

DiCentral's first ever Philippines Executive Forum in partnership with Microsoft and YEAPS.  We will talk about the challenges businesses are having bouncing back from the global pandemic, and how digital transformation greatly assists the process.  Joining the discussion are:

  • Peter Edlund, Chief Solutions Evangelist at DiCentral
  • Takashi Nishimura, Business Development Manager at DiCentral Asia-Pacific
  • JP de la Vega, CEO of YEAPS
  • Tadashi Zialcita, CTO of YEAPS
  • Fides Ricasa, Chief Partner Officer at Microsoft Philippines


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Overview of DiCentral Solutions
Overview of DiCentral Solutions


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E-Invoice:  DiCentral's E-invoicing Automation
E-Invoice: DiCentral's E-invoicing Automation